Why what we do is important.

I know at times you are blitzed by countless music links, promotion, videos,and websites. Everything looks alike and in the short attention span era, long engagement time is not the business! We are an underground hip-hop lable with independent drive and using our own money to fund our dreams. We also want to use our music and presence to bring awareness to the homeless issue in not only Sacramento but statewide. Tent City Cares is our dual campeign to help spread awareness to this issue. We do clothing and food drives and provide supplies to our homeless. Sadly to say, we also fund this movement as well. It is important for us to generate funds through our music, merchandise and shows to continue our efforts. We are not asking for handouts, merley to support out art. Buy our music and merch and support the shows so we can do even more!!!!! Head over to and pick up some great music to support a great cause at the same time!!! Thank you for listening and supporting. - Nytelife


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